Creative Catering and Top't Dogs

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About Us

Simple, Healthy, Casual Catering for Any Social or Professional Event

We possess a passion for all things culinary and professional hospitality and always keep the focus on sourcing high quality, clean ingredients from top notch providers.  Our aim is to provide approachable food presented beautifully that is exactly what your guest crave!

 Our menus make ordering and planning a breeze. 

Top't Dogs-Our Signature Hot Dog Stand

This menu package is perfect for children's parties and corporate meetings and so much more! It features Brooklyn Hot Dogs  and endless combinations of toppings that take hot dogs to a whole new level. 

Just Need Help When You Entertain?

We understand that not everyone needs a full service caterer or a private chef-when you need an assistant in the kitchen , a professional grill gal or a restaurant quality dinner party prepared in your own kitchen, we've got you covered with the right staff person.